How the *fuck* do you run a business?

Honestly, same.

Never in a million years did I think I would be running a business of my own. By that same measure though I never saw myself signing up for the Marine Corps (twice, I know right?), yet I did that too. And I honestly enjoyed it minus the fuckery that comes with it, but I mean what doesn't these days? 

Anyway! Here I am now several years post-enlistment, with a business I've shut down twice, and am now on my third round. I shut down the first time in 2022 for my family's move from NC to VA, which, by the way, greatest-fucking-state-ever. Reopened once we settled in up here to restart all my good stuff, threw myself back into the swing of it full force, and was met with jack-shit for profit. I did pretty well in North Carolina! It didn't matter the market; craft fairs, farmers markets, metaphysical shows- I did great at them all. I move up here and had triple the shows, (6 weeks in a fucking row at one point, and ya girl was traveling like a monster for them!) and I made squat. Could have been the location, a lot of the area I'm in up here is very much bible-belt, so I get that awkward side eye from some people. Mostly though people have been pretty cool, just not buying anything.

So, I blamed the economy that time around and just said screw it for now and did the hobby-business thing for a bit. 

I couldn't take it. I swear, every damn time I'm online, out in public, at the bar working, whatever... something pops up about the state of the world we live in, how terrible everything is, how corporate greed runs America. And I threw together one last dreamcatcher class for December to garner some business at my bar, and I just could NOT shake that I needed to do more. I needed to teach. I needed to share. I can't sit and mull over all the random tidbits of mystical knowledge that I have rolling in my head, KNOWING how awful things are... and how good they could be. 

(Self Love Spell Jars)

How spells jars work, basic witchcraft, kitchen charms, crystal knowledge, the law of attraction, manifestation, shadow work, aliens and oh-so-many conspiracy theories, blending therapy with shadow work (MUCH MORE coming on that one later!), reading tarot, the art of reiki, the simple bliss of *being*. 

So maybe this first blog entry isn't about how to run a business, but about WHY you run a business. You find something you're passionate about, something you just can't put down. Something that forces you to learn how the hell to make inventory spreadsheets and file stupid taxes that you absolutely dread every year. I spent hours teaching myself how to code this website (I don't understand the first damn thing about coding, and still could not tell you how I did this magnificent thing.), I spent hours in videos learning how to keep a proper inventory with 5 million spreadsheets, I have absolutely slaved in my office to get this off the ground. It has made me crazy; I have worked so hard to show up at a witchy event to show off my little spell jars and my obscenely large dreamcatchers, and my absolute favorite thing is to just talk with the people there. To teach them the things I know, or to help them find the thing I have that will help the problem they're having.

Find something you give a shit about, and make it mean something. The abundance will come when you align yourself with your higher calling. (Go ahead and call me the wacko, but you're the one on my page still reading my crazy midnight first blog post.)

Phones ringing, you better go pick it up.

So much love,